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Latest Article

What goes around, comes around

Winter, 2017 -
by Connie Brisson

One of the things that really troubled me when I was young was watching the unethical behavior of people I loved, (adults that I looked up to) who appeared to have no moral compass of “right” or “wrong.” And because there never appeared to be any consequences to their actions, the world seemed like a very unsafe place to me.

It was many years later that I realized that consequences/karma don’t always come immediately; Spirit/God doesn’t control things in that way. Instead, Spirit allows us to experience what we need (at the pace we need) in order for us to learn our lessons in this lifetime. There is no “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong”, there is only learning. Life has shown me over the years that eventually we all reap what we sow.

When I was in grade one, on the bus I sat beside a girl who was at least five years older than me. Just to be mean, she would pull my hair every day, no matter what I did or didn’t do to please her. It wasn’t until I told my brother, Ken, about her months later (after crying that I didn’t want to take the bus anymore) that it finally stopped after he confronted her.

Many years later, when I was in my 20’s, I saw her again in a grocery store. I recognized her immediately but the thing that startled me was seeing that she had hardly any hair. It was a shock to me – she looked healthy enough but she had almost no hair.

I don’t really know what the hair loss was about for her as the soul lessons we receive are always very personal (between God and us). But for me it really helped to heal certain times in my life that seemed unjust, giving me a new peace that Spirit works in mysterious ways.

Then I started (in the early 1990’s) to read Louise Hay’s books and I’ll never forget her story about a man that would steal from everyone and then brag about how clever he was. But, she pointed out, he had NOTHING in his life (he struggled to live, day to day) and Louise used this story to illustrate that no one can steal from others and ever truly prosper – it defies karmic laws. The energy we put out always returns to us.

A few years ago, when my daughter Gabbey was 13, I had an incident with her. Something happened where it became apparent she had lied to me and while I know that all kids lie to their parents at some time or other, I asked Spirit (in this situation) to give me some wisdom that could help save her a lot of trauma/drama/angst in her life.

And so, I told her that she could lie to me (and even fool me) but that she will never be able to lie to Spirit (God, the Universe, her Higher Self). In the end, Spirit knows all, so there is no escaping the truth of any situation ever. I told her that she will ALWAYS have to deal with all her choices/ actions, no matter what she thinks she can hide, because this is how we evolve/grow. In the end, there are only ever two players – it’s always between you and Spirit.

We all make mistakes. It’s how we grow. We put out a vibration (through our actions, words or thoughts) and Spirit brings it back to us in a specific way to help us evolve. It’s an opportunity for us to change and ultimately have more compassion and grace with ourselves and others.

The old saying of: “What goes around, comes around” really says it all. It isn’t a threat or punishment. It’s an acknowledgement that all actions have consequences. In order to understand how we have hurt someone else, we will often experience something similar so that we can integrate a deeper awareness in our hearts. But remember, timing is an unknown factor and that means that things we experience this life may be echoes of past lives or resolved in future lives.

Be patient when you are weary after you feel you’ve been wronged; everyone is here to learn their specific lessons. None of us has signed up in this game of life for anything but the privilege of experiencing exactly what we came here to learn.

Perhaps then the simplest and most graceful way to receive the hidden gift in a difficult situation is to ask: “What am I meant to learn here?”