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It must be love - Click on the link and view pg.30 of our on-line magazine

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Latest Article

It must be love

Spring, 2018 -
by Connie Brisson

I never felt like love came to me easily – certainly not for the first half of my life. It seemed like I always had to grovel or pay for it dearly.
Growing up in my family, love was a confusing commodity. It was like we were in a foster home situation, all from different families but stuck together, and so it was each dog for himself. .
And from that place of inner isolation I often used to pray to God that I would find just one person who would love me truly and endlessly; someone who I could be safe with and from that center, I could just fly and be all that I was meant to be. That was truly my earnest prayer for years. .
Now, I know that we attract what we are used to and so, was it any wonder, I later attracted certain men to me... men who loved me (kind of, maybe sort of) but not more than they loved themselves (and a few others at the same time). I didn’t know it at the time but I was unconsciously recreating destructive relationships based on my dysfunctional beliefs about love – and what I deserved. .
Then, when I was almost 29 years old, I had one of the most important/pivotal days of my life, with my mother. That day, we had a very emotional conversation that transformed me. It’s so very personal I can’t share details, but in the end what she said changed me (at the very core of me) into believing that she truly loved me. .
And then my universe changed like a “big bang” had occurred - because it energetically had. We get what we believe and once I believed I was lovable, the Universe rushed in to give me the big love I had always asked for... in Lloydminster. .
It was August 1991 when my brother-in-law, Don Weber, told me about a job at LML and (after getting it) I moved to Lloydminster. Amusingly, history will recall that when I first met Marcel Brisson (LML Superintendent Extraordinaire), I was uptight and not too friendly, although he certainly was. Having read his personnel file, I knew he was divorced (and therefore possibly available) and the father of three teenage children. But I was also trying to be smart, careful. Certainly, at the time, in no way did I receive a message from the Universe that he was the “one.” .
But after working with him over the next year, all the while watching him and seeing how honorably he treated other people and how exceedingly well he did his job, I started to really admire him... .
And in the midst of all of this, one night, I read (in a Louise Hay book) how making a list – a conscious list – of all the things we want, can draw it to us. So, one night, I wrote out a list of all of my “husband qualities” and some of them were a little outrageous. In fact I said how I wanted to live overseas and experience a different life. .
And then, Marcel Brisson cooked me an amazing meal in July 1992 and that was the actual beginning of our love story. Soon after (March 1993) we got married, moved to Saudi Arabia for over a year and I got to live the exotic life that I had wished/prayed for in my list. .
And although we are about to celebrate our 25th anniversary this March, I’m honestly telling you that we’ve had both highs and lows... because any marriage that survives LIFE takes a lot of love, energy, work and maybe most of all, respect for what is truly good and precious in the other person. .
I can’t write about our love story without also celebrating the greatest part of it - our beautiful daughter, Gabrielle - who just turned 18 years old. I do not know how much less of a person I would be if I had not had this amazing child in my life. She has taught me so much about so much. She’s extraordinary. And Gabbey is the girl she is because she had a remarkable father, who has loved her beyond anything, and who has humbly taught me about love too. .
And now we are here at last to my dear husband, Marcel. God could not have given me anyone more perfect than you. You’ve let me soar to places I never could have hoped for and you’ve also grounded me in the real world when I needed it, helped me to see my worth. Amidst deaths and triumphs, you have always been there for me, a silent soldier ready to champion anything that touches me. Not many people can say that they love the person they’ve been married to more and more, each and every day, but I can. I love you Marcel and am so thankful for you. .
Long ago I used to watch the movie Casablanca and think that I wanted a husband like Humphrey Bogart. It wasn’t until years later that I realized that Marcel reminds me of him so much (such much), even sometimes in his looks, moods and manner. What we dearly wish/pray/believe in, (I truly believe), does come true... Happy 25th Anniversary husband.